09 May 2013

IISC designed a New Concept of Vaccine Delivery System

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) designed and successfully tested a new concept of needleless vaccine delivery system in the laboratory. IISc has become the only organization in the world that has developed such a device. The new device was the result of collaboration among the laboratory for hypersonic and shock wave, the department of aerospace engineering, and the microbiology and cell biology department of the Indian Institute of Science.
Typhoid vaccine was successfully delivered into mice in laboratory using the new technique. The device utilizes the instantaneous mechanical impulse produced by micro-blast waves to achieve delivery of vaccines into mice.  A negligible amount of chemical energy is used to generate the micro-blast wave inside a small disposable plastic tube.
Since the depth of penetration of drug below the skin is not much, animals do not feel the pain during vaccine delivery.
The trials on animals have proved that by using this device a lesser quantity of vaccines is sufficient to provide resistance to animals against in comparison to conventional methods. The new system is safe, economical and painless

+Srikant Sharma .