05 May 2013

Cancer at One Rupee

The Union Cabinet today approved the revised Food Security Bill which proposes food handouts of 5 kg for every entitled person, or 25 kg for a family of five, at Rs 3 per kg for rice, Rs 2 per kg for wheat and Re 1 per kg for coarse grains.

The cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, cleared the bill, a dream project of Congress president and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi.

The bill was strongly backed by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and says will benefit 67 per cent of India's population. The Congress is banking on the bill to boost its ratings ahead of a 2014 general election.

The very idea of cheap food for 67 per cent of the population, or 800 million people, can cheer up voters. But this votebank politics would severely ruin our nation of millions and our 'bharat Ma'.

Just go and ask UPA from where would you get this much amount of food grains available to masses.Is the foodgrain ORGANIC ?? Is India prepared for this much food subsidy? Organic foods are made in a way that limits the use of synthetic materials during production. 

Several states had also proposed low cost foodgrains to the poor. In the long run GREEN REVOLUTION has been a bane to our nation. We are providing CANCER to our masses who are already suffering from so many diseases. Cancer be at one Kg will be very costly  to the poor. The recent rise in cancer population in punjab and haryana is to be seen seriously. A few trains in the northen region of INDIA are called Cancer trains as they carry maximum cancer patients to big cities for cure.

Why not government giving BAJRA,MAIZE,JOWAR at one rupee than WHEAT and RICE. Wheat require more water and the use of artificial fertilisier will deteriorate our soil and will make it barrain.